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Wolf From regional manufacturer to global player – Wolf has been a strong partner since 1963.

WOLF only production site is in the town of Mainburg in Hallertau, Bavaria. Wolf relies on its strengths, and believes in the value of a German location
Wolf has been a major supplier of energy-saving systems for 40 years. High-quality standards are the foundations for meeting tough challenges. Wolf has been one of Europe’s leading companies in Heating, air-conditioning and ventilation equipment.

WOLF Products
• Wolf heating systems – economical and efficient:
1. Heating with oil
2. Heating with gas
3. Heating with biomass
4. Heating with heat pumps
5. Generate heat and electricity – combined heat and power units
• Solar equipment
1. Solar collectors
2. Hot water tank
3. PV photovoltaic module

• Ventilation equipment
• Air-conditioning equipment